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SMSAPI SMS Marketing Business Guide

A text message is a fundamental communication tool for companies and public institutions. Brands send notifications, offer messages and engage with their customers via SMS. Read on to find out how to start business mass messaging in your company!

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SMSAPI 2019 Summary

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Business Gazelle. This is the fifth consecutive time that the jury of the most dynamically growing small and medium companies ranking recognized SMSAPI. We would like to present to you the key events and achievements that made it possible.

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SMSAPI ProTrainUp Sport SMS IT Interview

There’s no doubt that technology is essentially a part of modern sports. Technological novelties are present everywhere: on stadiums, inside the gear and also in hands of coaches and players. The advantages of such improvements are the subject of this article. We’re talking with Tomasz Cybulski – the cofounder of ProTrainUp – company that dominated the Polish sports IT industry.

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SMSAPI Transactional SMS Guide How to send

SMS communication is so much more than a simple sales-oriented messaging. Find out how your company can benefit from the automated text messages. Considered a standard in e-commerce and customer service, transactional SMS are also useful in other branches. Learn about the popular use cases and how to profit from them.

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SMSAPI Hotel SMS Communication KWHotel

The surest way to make a reputation in the hospitality industry is to keep an eye on the smallest detail. We are talking about all those tiny gestures that make a stay unforgettable. Of course, you have to deliver all that you’ve promised but going an extra mile is a completely different thing. We talk with Szymon Cyrzyk from KajWare – Polish company creating the KWHotel software for hotel management.

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SMSAPI Magento Integration SMS Shop

We are proudly presenting SMS Notification extension for Magento2 platform! It’s an official SMSAPI integration, available for free on the Magento Marketplace. Discover the potential of SMS communication and learn how to automate SMS Notifications in your e-commerce.

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