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SMSAPI Exact Systems Quality Control SMS Communication

Welcome to an interview with Robert Majer – marketing manager at Exact Systems. We talk about the modern approach to human resources management and quality control. The focus is on the speed of reaction to crises, reliability of solutions and the role of SMS communication in the company employing over 5500 controllers in factories all across Europe.

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SMS Marketing Audit Do It Yourself

When was the last time you’ve analyzed the effectiveness of your marketing? Don’t worry, there’s no need to hire an agency. Read how to conduct your SMS campaign audit entirely inhouse in a very fast way! Check if you are using the essential functionalities and if you are compliant with the latest regulation as well as principles of permission marketing. Make your work easier and more effective by using these five simple tips.

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SMSAPI LINK Conversations

LINK Conversations is a comprehensive conversational interface which changes the landscape of business communication. Today we are presenting its most important features, functionalities, and a quick walkthrough.

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Ekspedycja Express SMS communication

Summer break! Some like it served on a silver plate in a 5-star hotel, others prefer a thrill of competition and allure of unknown. No matter which one you fancy, proper communication is essential. Whether is between a bartender and holiday-goer or a racing hitchhiker and race organizer. Today, we talk with Tomasz Pietruszka – founder of Eskpedycja Express.

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SMS marketing glossary

Know the essential SMS marketing knowledge starting with the most popular terms and acronyms. In the first episode of our educational series, we are focusing on technical terms — everything you need to know about the SMS sending system.

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SMSAPI Ustron 2019 Integration Event

Watch us roll, climb up, ride down, aim, fire and fight for the glory in the Mountain Adventure of SMSAPI. Proudly presenting the photo gallery from our integration event that took place in Ustroń, Poland in July 2019. Enjoy!

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