4 baby steps to begin with SMS messaging

Did you know that 61% of people check their phones within… 5 minutes after waking up? We do shopping on public transportation, looking for discounts and checking products on Instagram – with our noses in our phones. Isn’t it a great chance to send SMS with a great discount to help the customer to make the purchase happen? Discover 4 simple steps to begin your journey with SMS messaging!

Work at the grass roots – build your Customer database

Your SMS messaging campaign will bring expected results if you take care about naturally built customer base. Database consisted of people who are willing to receive text messages from your brand is not only required by GDPR but also by your own conscience and permission marketing rules. There are several ways to create a database:

  • paper forms in your store / while purchasing in ecommerce,
  • loyalty clubs based on SMS messages – building loyal customers with regular communication and special offers,
  • Newsletter SMS – this simple widget on your website allows you to collect data for example in exchange for the discount for the first purchase, read how to implement it,
  • integrations with CRM (e.g. PrestaShop, Magento) – send automated SMS notifications about the delivery status, confirmation of payment or order,
  • through virtual mobile number in contests, games – to take part in the contest user leaves his data,

Pro tip

Remember it’s also good to let your subscriber sign out of SMS newsletter. But how? Use Opt-out feature – allow customers to unsubscribe from SMS newsletter with a link added to the message.

Upload your database

Okey, so you have your amazing database that is going to perform high. Now it’s time to upload it in your SMSAPI panel:

  • create and name a group
  • click “import”, prepare your file according to the information on blue field, choose the file from your computer or method copy/paste
  • assign columns from the file with the specific field types and choose the group which should contain these contacts
  • Wait a while aaaand… ready!

Create 160 characters piece of art

Okay, it’s halfway there to know basics of SMS messaging. The quality of your campaign strongly depends on the message itself. Please find some golden rules of SMS marketing:

  • introduce yourself – use a sender name (11 chars long)
  • create interesting & engaging content through call to actions and time-limited offers,
  • give a real value – discount, knowledge, fun,
  • take communication further – use short link in the message to bring customer to your website or any media,
  • play with the language – stay open for the recipient,
  • personalize – use names and other data you’ve collected to make this message personal,
  • use targeting – divide users into group based on any data you want: age, gender, shoe size and create different content for different groups,
  • add opt-out link in the message.

Send and learn!

Then… send again, learn. Repeat. Make tests. Use your imagination and every feature available to find your way to rock SMS messaging.